Plantbed panels for the Healing Giant at Kew Gardens

Some of the workings behind 11 illustrated panels which sit in the plant-beds of The Healing Giant at Kew Gardens' Plantasia festival.

Lying at the bottom of the Pagoda, the Healing Giant is a 20m tall human-shaped plant bed. It showcases the effects of plants on different parts of the human body. The panels are all different shapes and sizes and display the ways the different plants have been used over the ages. Love potions, skin treatments, aphrodisiacs and loads more.

Many thanks to the brilliant Kirsti Davies inviting me to work with her on her amazing project and for giving me plenty of creative freedom.

 Kew Gardens - Plantasia - Healing Giant panel

'Lemon Balm was used to clean teeth in Elizabethan times'

The giant will be on display until 7th September 2014.

I'll post some more images up here soon too.